Photography with iPods and iPhones

The first and most important thing to remember when capturing images with your iPod or iPhone is to start with good composition. Take a look at the composition section of this site. My top 3 compositional tips for photography with iPods and iPhones are: perspective, get closer and look for the details and rule of thirds.

Once you have a good handle on these compositional techniques then I would start looking at my favourite applications to use to capture images.

If you are only going to get one app, I would get camera+.

There are a few things I really like about it. First, I like the ability to put two fingers on the screen and one becomes your focus point and the other becomes your exposure point. On the iPod and iPhone, you can only place one finger on the screen and it acts as your focus and your exposure. Which a lot of the time is fine. However, there are times when you try to focus on something and it may be white or bright and the camera underexposes your image. Camera+ allows you the flexibility to control the exposure precisely.

I dragged the circular aperture icon over to the shadows and the camera exposed correctly for the shadows.

When I dragged the circular aperture icon over to the brightest part of the image, it exposed the highlights correctly.

This is an example of wanting to use precise exposure and focusing. The is water sitting at the bottom of a water slide and I was attracted to the colours and the reflection. When I focused on the reflection with my regular iPhone camera, the images was too dark. So I opened camera+ and was able to set the focus point where I wanted it (on the reflection) and I could move the exposure icon around until I got the exposure that I wanted.

One of the other great things about camera+ is that it allows the user to apply some filters and borders to your images. Below are some screen shots of some of the effects (FX) and borders you have access to.


To build upon these effects I like to use a free app called pxlromatic. One tip I have is to add multiple effects onto one image. I do this by saving an effect to my camera roll and then re-importning the image back into pixlromtic or camera+. Here is an example of an image that has been treated with multiple effects by re-importing the image multiple times.

The original image captured with an iPhone

Treated with various filters in Camera+ and pxlromatic

This image has a much different feel than the one treated with a blue filter. I love to experiment with borders and filters BUT remember to start with a strong image compositionally first.


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