Change your Perspective

One of the best but easiest things that photographers can do to improve their images is to change their persepctive. Far to many photographs are captured at eye level and we quickly get bored of this perspective. All you need to to to change this is adopt a bird’s eye view looking down at your scene or a worm’s eye view looking up at your scene. This simple change in perspective will make a world of difference in your images. Take a look at the examples.

Bird's eye view

Captured in Chuong Village outside Hanoi, Vietnam. 70-200mm lens @ 70mm, 1/320 @ f8 ISO 200.

Another thing you can do when taking a picture of a person is change your perspective to match theirs. If they are sitting down, don’t shoot “down on them”; crouch to capture the image. Eye level is best. 17-35mm lens @ 17mm, 1/25 @ f8, ISO 400


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